Corporate Training

It is said that “people are hired because of hard skills & fired because of soft skills.”

We offer a unique module for corporates, integrating psychological aspects with soft skills. We provide training on a variety of topics such as overcoming procrastination, goal setting, conflict resolution, team building, body language, communication skills etc. We also customize the topics as per the need of the company.

Our corporate training programs are customised as per the needs of the company. We conduct workshops on:

  1.       1. Image Building
  2.       2. Team Building
  3.       3. Goal Setting
  4.       4. Conflict Management
  5.       5. Leadership skills
  6.       6. Communication
  7.       7. Sales ready
  8.       8. Corporate & Social media etiquette.
  9.       9. Interpersonal skills
  10.       10. Time Management