Image Management

One cannot deny the effect of first impressions. It is always lasting! Research reveals that when there is a difference between what we say and how we look, people tend to believe the visual cues, not the words.

Psychologically speaking, people form primary appraisals about you at the amygdala region of the brain at the very first sight of you. This means, how you appear contributes to how others are going to treat you. So, we help you in putting your best foot forward and form a ‘winning image.’

With the rise of the internet, instant background checks, social image and every issue of a company and individuals gets easily noticed and is used as an important information while closing any deal. Hence, it is very important for a company to maintain an impressive image of their employees everywhere, as they represent the company all the time and not just at the office. Keeping this in mind, we have customised our modules for corporate training as well as one to one sessions.